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Home of the annual #ThisIsChobe Live Twitter Safari and winner of the 2014 We Are Africa Brand Africa Award, #ThisIsChobe is dedicated to exploring and sharing the very best of Chobe in Northern Botswana. 


Since the inaugural #ThisIsChobe twitter safari in 2014 #ThisIsChobe has become the official tag for sharing updates and travel stories from Chobe. See whats happening in Chobe by following #ThisIsChobe and join the discussion on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Follow our blog below for updates from ThisIsChobe as well as special features, photographs and stories from the people of Chobe as they highlight what they love most about the region.

#ThisIsChobe Prize Winners Explore Botswana

Jen and John Laceda, our 2016 #ThisIsChobe prize winners from Canada joined us on a 10 night Botswana safari to explore the wonders of the Chobe National Park as well as an extension into the Okavango Delta to discover exactly what it is about Botswana that we rave...

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Chobe Legends – Ishmael Mogamisi

ThisIsChobe team was fortunate to spend time with one of Chobe’s most renowned guides and much loved characters - Ishmael Mogamisi. Born in the beautiful village of Kachikau in the Chobe Enclave, Ishmael is one of Botswana’s most experienced guides – a true Chobe...

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An Afternoon On The Chobe Floodplains

The Chobe Floodplains are some of the most stunning parts of the Chobe Riverfront to explore. Mostly, the road network's of Chobe National Park run parallel to the Chobe River as well as crisscross the inner areas near the riverfront. There are however a few roads...

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#ThisIsChobe 2016 A Resounding Success

A deep breath after a long flight all the way from Europe as professional travel writers, Dan & Audrey, watched a huge herd of elephant wander down to the river from the Chobe Game Lodge deck. A special way to start an incredible jam packed week that culminated in...

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Botswana has been rated by Lonely Planet as top travel destination for 2016 and one of the most visited spots within the country is the Chobe National Park – one of Africa’s greatest safari travel destinations. Established in 1967, the park is home to a rich diversity of wildlife including the highest concentration of elephant in Africa and a variety of unique ecosystems within the park’s 11,700 square kilometer unfenced boundary. The Chobe River forms its northern boundary with four distinct geographical areas in the park: the Chobe Riverfront, the pans, Savute and part of the Linyanti.

With a network of daily flights into Kasane, Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe) and Livingstone (Zambia) together with a well maintained road network for self drivers, Chobe is the ideal Botswana destination to include in your visit to Southern Africa. The region also offers a variety of accommodation options to suit all travelers from budget friendly lodges and remote campsites to luxurious, all inclusive safari lodges, all set within key locations offering you the ideal base from which to experience the very best of Chobe.

Apart from an exceptional safari, the Chobe region offers travelers the rare opportunity to visit local communities in the Chobe Enclave as well as enjoy guided tours through the town of Kasane and Kazangula to experience daily living in Botswana, meet our people and gain insight into our fascinating culture. Having gained independence in 1966 (We celebrate 50 years of Independence on the 30 September 2016) Botswana has one of the most stable economies in Africa and a fascinating story to tell.

Morning gamedrive😊beautiful lush and green nature,you can see the Impalas are happy ✨ #chobe #choberiver #landscape #impala #thisischobe #chobenationalpark #green #february #botswana #wildlife #nature #morningsafari #ilovebotswana #gamedrive #work #travelling
A proud impala ram pauses as we capture his portrait at a waterhole teeming with all sorts of game and birdlife. #safari #wildlife #impala #botswana #savuti #thisischobe #nature #travel #wildlife #ghohahills
Nice Jono! Predators love sticking to the open roads in the rain (to avoid wet vegetation) so sightings often great… https://t.co/Mmpk11TdRA
Who says you don't see wildlife in #Chobe in the green season. #ThisisChobe #NgomaSafariLodge https://t.co/GqTTEGN4J5
The wire-tailed swallow is a small swallow, measuring 18cm in length. The species is named for the very long filamentous outermost tail feathers, which trail behind like two wires . Chobe is renowned for its bountiful bird species and is ...
Change of scenery today😊✨enjoying the view over Choberiver #chobe #choberiver #thisischobe #botswana #clouds #river #dramaticalclouds #thunder #warm #boat #landscape
We all know that electric powered vehicles/boats is the way forward in the safari industry but do you know its already happening? @chobegamelodge is developing Africa's first electric powered fleet of vehicles and river safari cruisers. With approximately half their ...
Happy as a little elephant in the mud! The rains and plentiful food in Chobe has made it paradise here. Mud pools galore, food & grazing everywhere and lovely warm weather with some cooling rains! Summer - wonderful time to ...
Such a cool bike ride early this morning. Few zebra out there but just had to stop for a moment and take on the colour and scenery. This hill forms part of the old quarry and is usually barren and ...
#WishYouWereHere? Our #Chobe Better Wildlife Photography workshops put you in the seat! https://t.co/AgTe73tQBI… https://t.co/QPZXoTJrzs
RT @ThisIsChobe: Catching a ride this #HumpDay Wednesday. We’re on the down hill toward the weekend! #ThisIsChobe https://t.co/9vPZ7C2STX
An African Wild Dog receives a warm welcome from her pups. Chobe National Park ➤ https://t.co/Aj4YhE3GaI via… https://t.co/aX6JGI1uTF
Great photo by local Botswana photographer @jamesgiff! It shows what you can capture if you have a bit of patients. It also shows there is plenty to be seen in the smaller things on safari. Here's what James had to ...
When was the last time you saw one of these spotty characters! While hyena aren't everyones favorite animal to see, they are fascinating scavengers and also very successful predators. This photo was taken at one of the waterholes in the ...
With Dineo moving across Southern Africa we have seen some crazy weather conditions in Chobe with large amount of rain having fallen over the past weekend.
Were you in Chobe this past weekend and have any cool photos/videos to share ...

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